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Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-01-22 21:31

Officials at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) are up in arms over comments made by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson on the opening two episodes of about two contestants. Simon said that one contestant should shave off his beard and wear a dress while Randy simply asked a question as to whether or not one contestant, Zachary Travis, was a girl, when in fact he was a guy.

GLAAD are demanding an audience with the producers of American Idol to air the concerns of their members, who I tend to think are over-reacting.

An article on the matter at tmz.com says that

If gay contestants hide in the closet, it may say more about America than 'American Idol.'

Every year there the gay thing comes up and if you ask me, the producers of American Idol and FOX know that it is going to generate discussion and debate which will only highlight the show, adding to the hype and profile.

In any case, gay or not, neither of the two contestants in question were good enough to be the American Idol.

honestly, if guys don't want

honestly, if guys don't want to be asked if they'rea girl, then don't dress in girl clothes and wear a girl hairstyle. it really IS that simple - its not about homophobia, for that guy to be whining that they discriminated against him because he was "different" was rediculous. they didn't like his voice, and anyone could see why that was! and crying about it like a baby afterwards? c'mon, he just wanted attention. he tried to be different, but he's not doing anything that maryln manson or boy george hasn't done before him (except his voice was awful). listen man, if you want to be original, then at least do something more than act like a transvestite, because thats not new, or original.

I'll even go you one

I'll even go you one further.  Everyone who saw the guy thought he was a girl, he was completely androgynous to the crowd and to the judges.  There have been gay people on the show before, HELL they even had a top 10 finalist who was gay and they didn't discriminate.  It's about presence and when you go audition its just like going on a job interview they take what they see, it's part of the impression...dude was untalented and on top of that he was quite androgynous I think Ranyd's question was valid.


:o pathetic



Lol, GLAAD just wanted a bit

Lol, GLAAD just wanted a bit of free publicity, losers.

Travis did look like a girl,

Travis did look like a girl, so it was fair that Randy asked the question...well because its kind of neccisary.. and its partly travis fault wearing what he did:(... so i totaly back Randy upi for that one.. i myself wasnt sure either:)

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