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Danny Gokey

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2009-03-04 03:05

Is Danny Gokey the next American Idol?

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I want to vote so what is Danny Gokey's voting number?

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Danny Donkey in the top

Danny Donkey in the top spot? Maybe, if he went into the courtroom and could convince them that "jesus took the wheel."

Don't worry breath. When you

Don't worry breath. When you are on your last breath... you wished that you have listened to Danny's christian music and that you have let Jesus take the wheel off from you...Hope you have a blessed day my friend.

gokey has been singing

gokey has been singing up-tempo music A LOT lately.
i think those are not his best choices.
he should pick a slow, emotional song because he could showcase his range better through songs that are stripped down.

oh also, dont dance and do the crazy hand-movements!! it was painful to watch

I think Danny is amazing,

I think Danny is amazing, you can feel every word he sings, you can feel his pain, and the love he has. He doesn't have to speak a word about his wife and he hasn't since the begining, you can just see his eyes and tell what he is thinking and feeling. To me that makes him so remarkable. He has the sexiest voice and to be honest if I heard Adam on the radio I would change it, I mean he is amazing he is so talented to watch, but just to listen to. Naaa I would rather all day any day listen to Danny. I am voting for you and I so hope you win. He is my next Chris Daughtry. :)

danny the funny one ! you

danny the funny one ! you must win win win win !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny's voice is so unique.

Danny's voice is so unique. He is a true talent and to all of you out there bringing up his story; I believe he has not mentioned anything about his story since before Hollywood week. Adam is very good but lets face it he sings like girl, with that said he is very entertaining. But in the end Danny has the better voice and I suggest you all lay off his story. It is more painful then you could ever imagine and it seems like you guys are the ones that keep bringing it up. GO DANNY and ADAM!!!

Danny, you do have talent.

Danny, you do have talent. To me you are bound for Christian music, where I will never hear from you again.

No matter who the person is

No matter who the person is that wins there will always be people there to knock them down. This is a Singing compation for a next up and comming star, People forget these people are only human and make misstakes listen to bad advice at times and are just trying to find thier way, I think Danny is a verry good singer and yes his personality helps him along, but lets face it who wants to have another Talor Hicks on our hands. Lets face it that was all our own doing. He should have never won. As for Adam I think he is more set for Broadway he is too over the top for me and i don't think he is in the right kind of singing compation he over sings and over kills alot of his songs with screaming that makes him a love/hate contestent but I would not be upset to see him go home. I would be upset to loose Danny and NOT because he lost his wife.

He can speak about the death

He can speak about the death of his wife because he is a strong individual. He is very touching in his songs and you can see his emotion in the songs... and especially the song what hurts the most-that was straight up for his wife....He is being strong you dont know how he is behind closed doors...he might be a mess so quit judging when you dont know ANYTHING about anybody...people handle things differently and im sure his wife would be EXTREMELY proud of him and everything he is doing. He lost the love of his life...let danny be danny maybe singing helps him to be stong. GO DANNY.

Okay, so I am just wondering

Okay, so I am just wondering when all of these "judges" on here (who are LUDICROUS btw).....tried out for American Idol?

The bottom line is: If you don't like someone, don't vote for them. Many of you are talking about Danny and his wife. See, here is the thing. Are you aware that there is a "Sophias Heart" foundation and it is completely non-profit? So much for a "user" and a "milker" huh? He started that foundation to honor his wifes memory.

Just about everyone on the show has a sob story of some kind. Lil and her tornado and 3 kids, Scott and his lack of eyesight, Adam and his failure on Broadway, Last Years Josiah living in a car. Give me a break people. You need to check out that plank hanging out of your own eye, before pointing out the specks of sawdust in others. I'm just sayin'.

Danny is going to win, hands

Danny is going to win, hands down!
Danny is amazing, God has blessed him so much.
Just shows how faithful God is even when you lose the love of your l ife! =D
Go Danny!

hi! i think this my best

hi! i think this my best single so i wish he's the winner of this year. so go Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree with you. the only

i agree with you. the only ones i want to see in the end are Danny, Allison, and Anoop maybe Kris too. Megans gotta go..that dance...WTF... scott he's not bad i just dont think he's that sorry i cant stand that thing on his face..he is not cute and just a justin timberlake wanna be...ugh... lil rounds is good but im not too sure yet...and kris proves alot last night...excpet when he sings he makes funny expressions. Those are just my opinon though.. I think this season is a GREAT one

oh yea and Adam how could i

oh yea and Adam how could i forget the one that screams when he sings... yea maybe he's got it but what is he going to REALLY sing when he gets out...pop..r&B..rock... i mean really... hes original but this is not drama class..

When people finally realise

When people finally realise how fake Danny really is? His story about loosing wife is definitely touching. However, how can a guy, who "really" loves his wife speak about her death after only 6 weeks later (during the first auditions) without a tear in his eye. It just shows how manipulative the whole story is. His family a friends with his late wife's picture in hands during the show - another confirmation of scrupulous plans. Although I think that he is good singer, I can't wait to see him go from this competition. My votes would definitely go to Matt, Alison or Adam, who showed not only great voices and individuality, but sincere and true personality too. They don't need any "touching story" to get them through. Any of those three will be great winner of this year's show.

Ditto! Danny since beginning

Ditto! Danny since beginning was much more into his boyfriend than his wife. I cannot believe that people question Adam's sexuality and not Danny's! I personally care less, but he should certainly step out of his closet and let himself free...he would be happier rather than hiding it! Also, no offense, but Danny also reminds me of a clumsy dancing seal....I am a huge animal lover, but I just think that he is too comical in his performances. He seems to have that one trick (one ponnie trick) and all of his songs sound so same..... NO WAY someone can even compare him to Adam! Adam has outperformed everyone in this competition long time ago. It is one incredibly amazing performance after another! GO ADAM!

you think he's fake? you

you think he's fake?
you think he's using that story to get more votes?
he told his story to be inspirational and to help explain his emotions through the songs he sings.. not to get more votes.
he's an amazing singer, with tons of talent, and i'm sure his wife wanted him to live his life and continue on becoming a singer.

and he did shed a tear. but even if he didn't that doesn't automatically mean that he doesn't care about his wife's death.

jeeez don't judge unless you actually go through what he's going through.

yeah thats true we have to

yeah thats true we have to vote for danny even i cant vote because i am here in the Philippines but i am to supported Danny gokey..! have a nice day.

No offense Lauren, but I

No offense Lauren, but I can't believe that his intention was being inspirational. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I have much more respect and appreciation for contestants that fight in this competition only with what this competition is about - with the power of their voice and entertainment rather than bringing up moving stories from their lives. I am sure that each person has a smaller or bigger story to tell, the life is not easy for all of us, but it is up to each person whether they use this for his / her advantage or not. Again, my respect to those, who can do without it and fight FAIR.

Yeah well everyone seems to

Yeah well everyone seems to have a sob story if you haven't noticed..
Megan and Alexis being young moms, Lil's story, Scott with his eyesight, etc.

Everyone laid out their life stories, so you can't act like Danny is the only one.

i like all...

i like all...

Guys! If not the story about

Guys! If not the story about his wife he'd be nothing but another white guy trying to sing like a black guy and doing it all wrong. His voice is okay buy he is no Marvin Gaye.

OMG! Danny is sooooooo

OMG! Danny is sooooooo DORKY....and what a yawner!!!

how the heck is he trying to

how the heck is he trying to sing like a black guy? I the only one that I the only one that thinks that Megan is corny and ridiculous?? I liked her at first, but when she did that dumb little dance of hers, she looked like a 5 yr old singing at a pageant! I don't think she is all THAT but she sure acts like she thinks she is!! It's almost like she EXPECTS to get through!

THANK YOU!! . I can not

THANK YOU!! . I can not stand Megan . And im like you, at first i was like hmm okay, i kinda like this girl . but then she sings "rocking Robbin???!!!" Like its american idol and its pretty serious!! . and last weeks performance when Simon said she was in trouble. the next day (voting off day) when ryan was going to annouce who was going to the bottom 3 shes doing a little dance like she just knows she is going to go trough . I want her leave!! i hate her!!

Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert

Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert ROCK!!! My prediction: they will be the final two.

Adam has such range and a comfortableness on the stage....he owns the stage...he is bigger than the stage. His vocals are amazing!!! I can't stop watching him...he is a star already...very exciting for him and his family. I don't care that they say he's a bit dramatic from his stage experience...he's a triple threat...I would go see him in a theatre or a concert. Any show of his would be worth seeing.

And, Danny...what can you say about Danny other than what everyone feels...he touches the soul of everyone who hears him. He is beautiful inside and out. He has a very distinctive soul sound...he has a raspy sexy voice....his musical talent is unbelievable. He hits it out of the park every time. And, I loved his dancing in addition to his vocals on was real! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He had my undivided attention during that performance. He's just the best and quite possibly 2009's winner. Can't wait for his CD.

My best to the sexy young men of Idol...go Danny..keep rockin Adam. The lambergokie train will be driving right into the finals.

I don't think so, Imo Adam

I don't think so, Imo Adam will win and danny will be the runner up!

Danny must not win this

Danny must not win this competition!

He's an ok singer, but please - star quality, no way, and without the sob-story he'd be nothing.

I hate the way they always have to use the 'story' to pick these people, and he is pretty unlikeable otherwise.

I agree. Without the sob

I agree. Without the sob story...ok voice, but no star quality...At least david cook kept the story about his brother out of the media. He didn't want it to be 'about' his brother. Unlike Danny, who has milked the death of his wife since the audition...

Danny didn't milk

Danny didn't milk anything...the producers "produce" the show. Don't show such disrespect for his loss.

disgusted w/ you is right,

disgusted w/ you is right, danny made it to the top 8 because of his talent not because he wanted people to like him because of his loss. show some respect dude!?!?! how would u feel if it were you?

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