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American Idol 2010. How will this season stack up against the previous 8?

Below will be the links to the profile pages of each of the Top 24 contestants. If you'd like to help us with keeping that information up to date, send me a private message from your account and let me know which contestant you're a fan of and you could be that contestants webpage editor.

If you're looking for voting numbers, they can be found here

If you find any discrepancies on any of the contestants pages, please let us know.

Here's to a great 2010 season of American Idol!

Those through to the Hollywood round so far:

Maddy Curtis
Claire Fuller
Jess Wolfe
Amadeo Diricco
Luke Shaffer
Benjamin Bright
Ashley Rodriguez
Tyler Grady
Mike Davis
Katie Stevens
Jennifer Hirsh
Joshua Blaylock
Justin Williams
Bosa Mora
Leah Laurenti

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Allen Burton
Amanda Shectman
Antwan Michael
Bryce Larsen
Ellery Bonham
Jaclyn North
Jason Shorter
Jessica Cunningham
Justin Gray
Katelyn Clampett
Keanna O'Quinn
Kelly Caruso
Lucy Yeghiazaryan
Shannon Turner
Siobhan Magnus
Zoya Shpiegelman

Keia Johnson
Miriam Lemnouni
Noel Reese
Tisha Holland
Jermaine Sellers
Vanessa Wolfe
Holly Harden
Mallorie Haley
Antonio Wheeler (Skii Bo Ski)
Carmen Turner
Bryan Walker

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Amanda Caparas
Ashley Hobbs
Ben Honeycutt
Colin Benward
David Gowryluk
Deneco Pittman
Liz Rooney
Genesis Moore
Jesse Barry
Lauren Daigle
Marshall Manning
Stevie Flockhart
Theiry Harden

Katelyn Epperly
Charity Vance
Angela Martin
John Park
Paige Dechausse
Justin Ray
Keith Semple
Marcus Jones

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Crystal Bowersox
Sean Butler
Nick Lynche
Lee Dewyze
Kenneth Ellis

Seth Rollins
Jermaine Purifoy
Shelby Dressel
Jay Stone
Janell Wheeler
Brittany Starr James
Kasi Bedford
Cornelius Edwards
Bernadette Desimone
Amanda Desimone
Matt Lawrence

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Aaron Kelly
Austin Simmons
Rebecca Neuneubel
Jonathan Stills
Katie Bernard
Kelsey Laverack
Kelsey Madsen
Kristi Quinne
Lacey Brown
Luke Edgemon
Michael Lynche
Michelle Delamor
Noel Turner
Raquel Borges
Sarah Rucker
Shannon Livewell

Los Angeles
Jim Ranger
Mary Powers
Andrew Garcia
Tasha Layton
Chris Golightly

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Derek Klena
Didi Benami
Donald Webber
Farayi Moore
Frankie Jordan
JB Ahfua
Jose Munoz
Justin Kalama
Kiera Masters
Kristina Michell
Melissa Bitanga
Rose Flack
Samantha Musa

Lloyd Thomas
Kimberley Carver
Erica Rhodes
Dave Pittman
Todrick Hall
Dawntoya Thomason
Stephanie Daulong
Maegan Wright
Christian Spear

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Lambert
David Duke
Erynne Hundley
Heather Todd
Hope Johnson
Liette Kraper
Michael Castro
Rachel Hubbard
Savannah Low
Stephanie Crews
Tim Urban
Zachary Hickman
Thaddeus Johnson

Mark Labriola
Kimberly Kerbow
Danielle Hayes
Casey James
Tori Kelly
Nicci Nix
Haely Vaughn

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Nester
Danny Jones
Tawny McCorkly
Lilly Scott
Maddie Penrose
Taylor Bledsoe
Sham Al Islam
Jared Liewer
Margo May
Blake Marvin
Colten Pierce
Harrell Holmes
Jeffrey Goldford
Jessica Furney
Jimmy Charles
Kelly Bachran
Moorea Masa
Tamra Salmon

If you know of any names missing from this list, please let us know.

i agree!! bucky needs to

i agree!! bucky needs to wash his hair! can you say grody?

hahahahahahahahaha. sorry. i

hahahahahahahahaha. sorry. i was just laughing at the kellie comment. what are you, 11 years old? haha.

I think you're right but I

I think you're right but I also think that Chris's fans assumed he didnt need any votes OR all of his rocker fans dissed him for mellowing out and showing his "soft" side. Either way it was pretty surprising yet rediculous it wasn't kellie up there sweatin. Last week was my favorite performance from Chris thus far, and Im sure once being in the bottom 2, he's going to go heavy the rest of the way. we'll see!

I think Katherine is still

I think Katherine is still on the show because she's hot, and horny guys need a girl up there shaking what her mother gave her. I didnt vote for her, I voted for Elliott & Chris. Very surprising that Chris is gone but he'll still be a success, and American Idol loves having twists on thier show to fool the audiences.

I think Simon was right on when he said Katherine's performace was 'over the top'. It was. I think based on voice and vocal range alone you all should vote for Elliott to win. Even Ace Young told an interviewer he'd love to see Elliott win, what a good guy!

ha ha thats funny lol ha ha

ha ha thats funny lol ha ha

Hi again. And  I loved

Hi again. And  I loved Ace's Keith Urban song, too!  I'm just hoping he doesn't get voted off. The judges didn't give him enough credit for his song last night. He looked like he was really having fun with it though. I can't stand Bucky. You just can't understand him. Kellie, too! Katherine is WAY better than Kellie. And she needs to get rid of the whole ditzy southern girl routine because it's getting old fast and only makes her look stupid. I did like Taylor last night though. He usually gets on my nerves with his seizure-like moves but I guess it was his song choice that impressed me last night. Taylor is good, but he's no American Idol. I don't think people are paying much attention to Elliot though. I thought he was going home last week. But I'm really not sure who'll get voted off tonight. I'm hoping it's Bucky but I'm scared for Ace. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!    <3   

You can't be serious. Bucky

You can't be serious. Bucky sucks! All he can do is yodel. Week after week he's boring, and all he can do is country- nothing else. Remember his Gary Allen song? "It's not sooooo bad..."  Well, acually Bucky- IT IS !! haha

You just like him cuz you think he's cute or something. *blah*

If you ask me I think Bucky

If you ask me I think Bucky should go. My top 3 are

1. Ace

2. Katherine

3. Chris

But Bucky should go tonight. Followed by Elliot in a close second.

I disagree! I think Ace

I disagree! I think Ace should be the next idol and Bucky should leave, like now!! I don't even know why he's still in it. You couldn't understand him tonight and this was his night to really show off. He really disappointed me...not like I expected much of him anyway.....

bucky sucks! he sings like a

bucky sucks! he sings like a lazy dog!

Hey Shawn. Check out my post

Hey Shawn. Check out my post near the bottom. The one we had going back and forth.

Catherine is good and Taylor

Catherine is good and Taylor sucks absolute balls. Chris was the best out of all of them and should be the one still standing, i think he should have won. But then again, he was too good for a stupid show like idols, he would have been wasted on pop. Rock would be the best way to go for him and i would buy that cd.

hey!! looks like you were

hey!! looks like you were right on! *whew* Elliott dodged another bullet. And it looks like Ace is going to get another shot to redeem himself. He better take advantage cuz Im sure he knows he's on borrowed time right now. I'd rather see Kellie go before Ace but not likely. I think Kellie can walk up on stage for Rod Stewart week and sing Ol McDonald Had A Farm and still get voted back next week, it's that bad.

What happened to the fun weekly themes like disco week and 80s week? Guess Fox is gettin deals to promote cds or whatever. It takes the fun out of the weeks I think and makes it way difficult for some of the singers. Ace had no choice to rock out. I mean what would happen if Chris was around for a "Celine Dion" week? Fox could be catering their themes to fit who they want to win. hmmm

Bucky sings ..."ohhhh you're gonna take me home tonight.."  how true was that? haha!

Ok so i've reevaluated and

Ok so i've reevaluated and decided Elliot isn't all that bad. But yeah I was so scared for Ace. I was actually expecting him to get voted off but thank goodness Bucky is gone. Did you hear Ryan last night when he asked Bucky what he missed?! I was like, thank you for pointing out that you can't understand a word he says. Let's just hope Ace does redeem himself next week. And I can't wait until Kellie gets voted off!!!! Have you been to that website. It's so dead on. And I think they need some better themes, too. By the way, did you hear what the theme for next week was. I'm not sure if they said it because they waited until the last 30 seconds to tell you who got voted off. But thanks for chatting with me....we seem to be the only ones making sense on these boards.     <3

Hi Katie89! Next week's

Hi Katie89! Next week's theme is Rod Stewart songs. Theyre not doing fun themes anymore, just specific artist themes, which is kinda lame, coincidentally, all the artist themes so far have been males. hmmmm, think Fox wants a guy to win this year?

Bucky's babbling was funny I thought. I seen ,funny and probably true BUT why would they want her to win, I mean that's why kellie is pulling the dumb act- to win! Funny I asked one person at work what she thinks of the show and see said that Kellie is probably the biggest b#$ch in real life. haha I can see that being believable.

Im glad you can see what a great singer Elliott is! I hope the rest of America sees also! You can tell Fox doesn't want him to get voted off yet- and good!! I also say vote Melissa back on the show and boot Kellie off. With Bucky gone now my sisters can help me voting for Elliott!! I got him 162 times last tuesday- while at work! haha (45 for katherine, 4 for taylor). How did you do?

Sorry I haven't written in

Sorry I haven't written in forever, I've just been extremely busy this week. I was so disappointed that Ace got voted off!! Even though I hated that ponytail he wore. I don't really know who to like now. I can't believe Kelly is still on!! After that horrid performance I thought she'd at least be in the bottom three. I guess all those other country hicks that can't pronounce salmon are voting for her.And I'd tell you how many times I voted but I never remember to count. I'll try next Tuesday. I think Chris is probably me next favorite...or Katherine. By the way, do you know what next week's theme is? Thanks!!     <3

Hey Katie! It's alright

Hey Katie! It's alright youre busy, we all have a life outside the computer! I can't believe Kellie is gone! I mean sure she sucked the last 2 weeks, but ya know, it seems too perfect to keep around the ones I like. Im glad Chris and Katherine were the top 2 after being in the bottom in previous weeks! Elliott is safe in the middle, even though I had more trouble voting for him Tuesday than Katherine!! (Katherine-104 Elliott-57 Taylor-5) Elliott is my fave, obviously!

Im listening to a burned cd of the AI songs, 37 in all, all male. I really like chris's earlier songs I hope he picks it up. These ballad love weeks are getting dull AI needs to spice things up a bit!! what do you think?

Hey again. I'm am so

Hey again. I'm am so relieved Kellie is off forever!!!! I think Paris is probably the next to go, or at least I hope so. I'm tired of her. Next, Taylor... I think he's good and everything but I just can't see him being the next American Idol. He just doesn't have the look.  I hope it's either Chris or Katherine, and I think a guy will probably win this year. I know how much you like Elliot and I agree he's good, but I think he's really gonna have to prove himself to the public if he wants it, and I think he does. I didn't vote this week though. I'm still coming out of the "depressed-ace" stage. Maybe next week. That is if we can get a more upbeat theme!! <3

 HeY!! Yeah, I felt the

 HeY!! Yeah, I felt the same way you do about Ace when Jessica Sierra was voted off last year! She was amazing and pretty hot too! That was my 1st year watching Idol! Make sure you vote tonight!! Luckily for you, Ace is on tour with the top 10 so you'll get a chance to see him. Enjoy the show tonight, be sure to vote!

Hey Shawn. Sorry I haven't

Hey Shawn. Sorry I haven't written in forever but I simply haven't had time to watch the show. I can't believe Chris got voted off!! My jaw literally dropped. And then Elliot! So now I'm not sure who's gonna win, Katherine or Taylor.  I really hope it's Kat because her voice is amazing. Taylor, I admit, is a good singer too but he just doesn't have the look of an American Idol you know? So my votes are going towards Katherine. What about you?

Hey Katie89! nice to hear

Hey Katie89! nice to hear from you again! Yeah, we were all shocked when Chris got voted off, but we thought it would give Elliott a better chance at winning!! and he so narrowly got eliminated! So I think all of the Elliott voters voted towards Taylor. What a fun season!!
Do you know how early they start broadcasting the auditions? Well you can always mail me in the meantime if youd like! darkhorse284 at yahoo. You should go audition! hehe bye!