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American Idol 2010. How will this season stack up against the previous 8?

Below will be the links to the profile pages of each of the Top 24 contestants. If you'd like to help us with keeping that information up to date, send me a private message from your account and let me know which contestant you're a fan of and you could be that contestants webpage editor.

If you're looking for voting numbers, they can be found here

If you find any discrepancies on any of the contestants pages, please let us know.

Here's to a great 2010 season of American Idol!

Those through to the Hollywood round so far:

Maddy Curtis
Claire Fuller
Jess Wolfe
Amadeo Diricco
Luke Shaffer
Benjamin Bright
Ashley Rodriguez
Tyler Grady
Mike Davis
Katie Stevens
Jennifer Hirsh
Joshua Blaylock
Justin Williams
Bosa Mora
Leah Laurenti

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Allen Burton
Amanda Shectman
Antwan Michael
Bryce Larsen
Ellery Bonham
Jaclyn North
Jason Shorter
Jessica Cunningham
Justin Gray
Katelyn Clampett
Keanna O'Quinn
Kelly Caruso
Lucy Yeghiazaryan
Shannon Turner
Siobhan Magnus
Zoya Shpiegelman

Keia Johnson
Miriam Lemnouni
Noel Reese
Tisha Holland
Jermaine Sellers
Vanessa Wolfe
Holly Harden
Mallorie Haley
Antonio Wheeler (Skii Bo Ski)
Carmen Turner
Bryan Walker

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Amanda Caparas
Ashley Hobbs
Ben Honeycutt
Colin Benward
David Gowryluk
Deneco Pittman
Liz Rooney
Genesis Moore
Jesse Barry
Lauren Daigle
Marshall Manning
Stevie Flockhart
Theiry Harden

Katelyn Epperly
Charity Vance
Angela Martin
John Park
Paige Dechausse
Justin Ray
Keith Semple
Marcus Jones

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Crystal Bowersox
Sean Butler
Nick Lynche
Lee Dewyze
Kenneth Ellis

Seth Rollins
Jermaine Purifoy
Shelby Dressel
Jay Stone
Janell Wheeler
Brittany Starr James
Kasi Bedford
Cornelius Edwards
Bernadette Desimone
Amanda Desimone
Matt Lawrence

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Aaron Kelly
Austin Simmons
Rebecca Neuneubel
Jonathan Stills
Katie Bernard
Kelsey Laverack
Kelsey Madsen
Kristi Quinne
Lacey Brown
Luke Edgemon
Michael Lynche
Michelle Delamor
Noel Turner
Raquel Borges
Sarah Rucker
Shannon Livewell

Los Angeles
Jim Ranger
Mary Powers
Andrew Garcia
Tasha Layton
Chris Golightly

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Derek Klena
Didi Benami
Donald Webber
Farayi Moore
Frankie Jordan
JB Ahfua
Jose Munoz
Justin Kalama
Kiera Masters
Kristina Michell
Melissa Bitanga
Rose Flack
Samantha Musa

Lloyd Thomas
Kimberley Carver
Erica Rhodes
Dave Pittman
Todrick Hall
Dawntoya Thomason
Stephanie Daulong
Maegan Wright
Christian Spear

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Lambert
David Duke
Erynne Hundley
Heather Todd
Hope Johnson
Liette Kraper
Michael Castro
Rachel Hubbard
Savannah Low
Stephanie Crews
Tim Urban
Zachary Hickman
Thaddeus Johnson

Mark Labriola
Kimberly Kerbow
Danielle Hayes
Casey James
Tori Kelly
Nicci Nix
Haely Vaughn

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Nester
Danny Jones
Tawny McCorkly
Lilly Scott
Maddie Penrose
Taylor Bledsoe
Sham Al Islam
Jared Liewer
Margo May
Blake Marvin
Colten Pierce
Harrell Holmes
Jeffrey Goldford
Jessica Furney
Jimmy Charles
Kelly Bachran
Moorea Masa
Tamra Salmon

If you know of any names missing from this list, please let us know.

Paris is 17 going on10 she

Paris is 17 going on10 she is for from an american idol, she needs to go as bad as kevin!!!!!

You are totally right! Paris

You are totally right! Paris has to win, she can sing anything and hasnt screwed up so far she is perfect. There is something wrong with everyone if they cant see that!!


TAYLOR HICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and chris

annnnnnnnnnd kelly.

3 american idols

i sooooo agree with u.

i sooooo agree with u. elliot has the best pipes in the whole competition nd he should totally win!!!!

hey be nice patrick was

hey be nice patrick was awesome i luved that song he sang - come to my window but ur so right chris all the way woo hoo

finally someone who acually

finally someone who acually listens to the singing!

Though I disagree with you

Though I disagree with you about Ace, I want to thank you for actually stating your points and typing in all capital letters. I think most of the people on here are like twelve and that's why they're saying they love Ace because of his good looks. I happen to think he has really good vocals, but I'm not trying to start an arguement. I salute you for your post.

someone should boo you you

someone should boo you you just jealous that this girl had more talent in her finger than you . i would love to see what you are working with . this girl is one of the best that up there and i hope that she makes all the way so that are stupid @#*& feel dumd at the end

I have to agree, Mandisa is

I have to agree, Mandisa is the next "American Idol". She can sing any song by any artist when she puts her heart into it. She has a great attitude and is always positive. Last night she looked so beautiful. May God be with her!!!

oh yea!!!

oh yea!!!

You're right Danni123, Randy

You're right Danni123, Randy is just a an over-inflated bag of hot air, spouting sentiments about when he was in Journey that he was so cool when really, noone noticed him with Steve Perry up front.  All Randy did this year was try to promote his contestant, AKA HICK, just like Simon did last year and Paula tried to do in season 2.  I thought that this was a show that promoted TALENT especially VOCALS but I guess I was wrong.  My TOP favorites this year were Chris (1), Mandisa or Katherine (2 or 3) and Elliot (4).  Taylor, even though he could play a mean harp, was nowhere within my RADAR.  Oh well, it just goes to show what I know.

I really like Taylor. He

I really like Taylor. He seems like he enjoys singing. I just wish he could play his harmonica sometimes. Bet he can get down on it and play. He has a nice smile , pretty gray hair , and is very entertaining. His dance moves remind me some of Elvis. I love watching him. You go Taylor. Make it to the very end. I vote as many times as I can get through.  You Rock 

He is really, really, really

He is really, really, really good... but he's not the best.

Kellie and Katharine both

Kellie and Katharine both r amazing. i mean dont get me rong, wrong*, there are good ones, except Bucky and Ace. I dont know why  bucky is still in, but people keep on voting for ace because of his good looks. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



for both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree w/ you about the top

i agree w/ u about the top 5

NO WAY! Lisa is horribe! She

NO WAY! Lisa is horribe! She totally deservered to leave. Bucky is my favorite. Ace is my least favorite, so GO BUCKY!!

 Bucky has worked hard to

 Bucky has worked hard to be there. He deserves to be there

no! you are wrong!!!

no! you are wrong!!!

you are

you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo right

totally! Me too! I always

totally! Me too! I always do! ROCK ON BUCKY!



no way! She was bad!

no way! She was bad!

go bucky

go bucky;)

i agree with you goace!!!

i agree with you goace!!! bucky should go!!!! you can't understand a word he says. and i love ace.

Agrees !!!! way to go Sean.

Agrees !!!! way to go Sean. She's my most favorite gal and I hope she wins !

Make that a 2 Million.. vote

Make that a 2 Million.. vote for Kellie Pickler.. I will wire the million's in your account !!!!!but I have to see Kellie win first !!!!!

Agrees !!! totally !! Kellie

Agrees !!! totally !! Kellie is the best !!!

What are you?  11 years

What are you?  11 years old?  Ace is nice looking but he sings like my granny.  And while singing he looks like a fairy.  Kellie is the best all around package.

Mandisa is a whale of a

Mandisa is a whale of a singer.  In fact she's got a big voice.  Actually she's a big whale.  Yes, she has a wonderful voice but she's too fat for being the idol.  

I was so dissapointed. I

I was so dissapointed. I called and called but couldn't vote. They need more lines.

I thought Kelly deserved to Go. She was awful. But she is still in, and i cannot figure out why.

Katherine is a young version of Judy Garland, and she is awesome. Paris is always good. I love Taylor, I can't wait for his performances. Elliot, has a nice voice, but he needs to look like an idol, and he doesn't. Those jeans and a tux top, were not fashion.

Chris in the bottom with Ace, no way. Probaby because nobody could get their vote in. Bahhhhhh.

I think you're right on

I think you're right on target! If the show really is about talent, then Elliot will win. But we all know that people are way to superficial and will probably end up picking Katharine or Chris as the winner. (Not that either of them are bad)

what country is your

what country is your country? You failed to mention it. And I agree with you, however, Chris or Elliott, I feel, can sell albums with thier voice alone. But don't forget you don't have to win the competition to make it in the business. Look at Clay Aiken, he lost.

 I so agree i will be there

 I so agree i will be there at 12 midnight if i have to katherine should have gone home and she knows it.She should have been gone 3 weeks ago but people just keep putting her on through so everyone just do that girl a favor and kick her off because she is not the next american idol!

i understand what you mean.

i understand what u mean. my dad listenens to country music. i have to listen to it all summer :(

I'm sorry but  I have to

I'm sorry but  I have to disagree with you. I don't think Taylor looks like the next American Idol. Elliot's already voted off, though I thought he was a pretty good singer. I do agree that Chris did the same thing every week but I still thought he was the best one on there. I wish Katherine would win but I'm really not sure at this point.


Taylor rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so right!

You are so right!

wicked is right! GO CHRIS!

wicked is right! GO CHRIS!

hey thanks for sharing your

hey thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree Ace can sing,  I think he's best when he goes into falsetto & I liked his Keith Urban song. However, I dont think he's got what it takes to beat the other contestants. His song selection tonight was bad, "We will rock you" lets him have fun but it's not a good singing song. Tonight I thought ultimately Bucky & Kellie stank. My mom & sister vote for Bucky cuz they think "he's nice", so what, he's so dull & predictable! haha

I hope Elliott goes far but his fanbase probably isnt wide enough. He needs to talk dumb and dress slutty, cuz Im sure Kellie is going to outlast him, sadly! Honestly does anyone think Kellie is a better singer than Katherine? no way

 Im glad Taylor switched his song rather than going for the easy trendy hits like Kellie & Ace did. Chris rocked too I like how he chose a song that not everyone is familiar with. Paris was okay but it will be sad to see Kellie outlast her on the show as well.

Thanks for replying! I thought they post your email address cuz they ask for it but they dont so mine is darkhorse284 AT yahoo If anyone wants to talk about the show!!

That was wrong I tell you,

That was wrong I tell you, Just plain WRONG! 

uhh, no i'm not 11 thank you

uhh, no i'm not 11 thank you very much and if you scroll down and read the other comments you'll see that they agree with me. and by arguing with me, i believe you seem a tad bit childish yourself. by the way, you can check out "your" american idol on this website..                    enjoy!

You know that s why you are

You know that s why you are at home behind the computer  and shes up there singing her heart out . thats why she is going to be the last one standing and on the radio and on the videos and in the movies and in the  spotlight and at the grammys and at the oscars and at the image awards the soul train awards the amercian music awards the sprit award and any other awards you can think of you hater you need to go as bad as bush need to be out of office you hater 

Thankyou and mandisa dont

Thankyou and mandisa dont think that i forgot about you cause you rock too!!!

Chris is hecka fine but I

Chris is hecka fine but I don't think he is going to be the next "Amercian Idol". He has come a long ways and has improved so much. The reason why I don't he is going to be the next American Idol is because he can only sing rock and country songs. Being the next American Idol takes a range of talent and you have to be able to sing any song and run with it.

ace is soooo hot

ace is soooo hot sis says!!!!

she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



WRONG! WELL, YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT KATHARINE AND KELLIE AND ACE, BUT WRONG ABOUT BUCKY. BUCKY RULES! HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL! BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Find a song that is a

 Find a song that is a right match for your voice so you are not in the bottom 3 again!!Bucky, your voice is GREAT! Keep it up man!! I am  a huge fan of you, Bucky!!!!!!!!!





I think Elliot is a good

I think Elliot is a good singer and all, but a lot of the times I feel that his material is boring. I do think that Chris is the best all around entertainer/idol of the bunch. I do feel that there are several extremely talented individuals in this year's idol. I think Katherine signs wonderful, but I think she is pretty limited on her style of music. I just honestly think that Chris has had the most consistent, good performances than any other performer. Paris and Taylor need to go.