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American Idol 2010. How will this season stack up against the previous 8?

Below will be the links to the profile pages of each of the Top 24 contestants. If you'd like to help us with keeping that information up to date, send me a private message from your account and let me know which contestant you're a fan of and you could be that contestants webpage editor.

If you're looking for voting numbers, they can be found here

If you find any discrepancies on any of the contestants pages, please let us know.

Here's to a great 2010 season of American Idol!

Those through to the Hollywood round so far:

Maddy Curtis
Claire Fuller
Jess Wolfe
Amadeo Diricco
Luke Shaffer
Benjamin Bright
Ashley Rodriguez
Tyler Grady
Mike Davis
Katie Stevens
Jennifer Hirsh
Joshua Blaylock
Justin Williams
Bosa Mora
Leah Laurenti

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Allen Burton
Amanda Shectman
Antwan Michael
Bryce Larsen
Ellery Bonham
Jaclyn North
Jason Shorter
Jessica Cunningham
Justin Gray
Katelyn Clampett
Keanna O'Quinn
Kelly Caruso
Lucy Yeghiazaryan
Shannon Turner
Siobhan Magnus
Zoya Shpiegelman

Keia Johnson
Miriam Lemnouni
Noel Reese
Tisha Holland
Jermaine Sellers
Vanessa Wolfe
Holly Harden
Mallorie Haley
Antonio Wheeler (Skii Bo Ski)
Carmen Turner
Bryan Walker

(Not featured by through to Hollywood)
Amanda Caparas
Ashley Hobbs
Ben Honeycutt
Colin Benward
David Gowryluk
Deneco Pittman
Liz Rooney
Genesis Moore
Jesse Barry
Lauren Daigle
Marshall Manning
Stevie Flockhart
Theiry Harden

Katelyn Epperly
Charity Vance
Angela Martin
John Park
Paige Dechausse
Justin Ray
Keith Semple
Marcus Jones

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Crystal Bowersox
Sean Butler
Nick Lynche
Lee Dewyze
Kenneth Ellis

Seth Rollins
Jermaine Purifoy
Shelby Dressel
Jay Stone
Janell Wheeler
Brittany Starr James
Kasi Bedford
Cornelius Edwards
Bernadette Desimone
Amanda Desimone
Matt Lawrence

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Aaron Kelly
Austin Simmons
Rebecca Neuneubel
Jonathan Stills
Katie Bernard
Kelsey Laverack
Kelsey Madsen
Kristi Quinne
Lacey Brown
Luke Edgemon
Michael Lynche
Michelle Delamor
Noel Turner
Raquel Borges
Sarah Rucker
Shannon Livewell

Los Angeles
Jim Ranger
Mary Powers
Andrew Garcia
Tasha Layton
Chris Golightly

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Derek Klena
Didi Benami
Donald Webber
Farayi Moore
Frankie Jordan
JB Ahfua
Jose Munoz
Justin Kalama
Kiera Masters
Kristina Michell
Melissa Bitanga
Rose Flack
Samantha Musa

Lloyd Thomas
Kimberley Carver
Erica Rhodes
Dave Pittman
Todrick Hall
Dawntoya Thomason
Stephanie Daulong
Maegan Wright
Christian Spear

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Lambert
David Duke
Erynne Hundley
Heather Todd
Hope Johnson
Liette Kraper
Michael Castro
Rachel Hubbard
Savannah Low
Stephanie Crews
Tim Urban
Zachary Hickman
Thaddeus Johnson

Mark Labriola
Kimberly Kerbow
Danielle Hayes
Casey James
Tori Kelly
Nicci Nix
Haely Vaughn

(Not featured but through to Hollywood)
Alex Nester
Danny Jones
Tawny McCorkly
Lilly Scott
Maddie Penrose
Taylor Bledsoe
Sham Al Islam
Jared Liewer
Margo May
Blake Marvin
Colten Pierce
Harrell Holmes
Jeffrey Goldford
Jessica Furney
Jimmy Charles
Kelly Bachran
Moorea Masa
Tamra Salmon

If you know of any names missing from this list, please let us know.

Paris is the next AI.... she

Paris is the next AI.... she has an amazing voice and she is only 17!!!

off the subject off last

off the subject off last weeks upset... who think someone should sing blink-182. i'm obsessed! i heard of them but never actually listened to they and now that i have THERE AWESOME! especial feeling this. does anyone else agree?

Mandisa is the next American

Mandisa is the next American Idol!

Mandisa is the next American

Mandisa is the next American Idol!

She is the best!

Mandisa is the real next

Mandisa is the real next American Idol!

Mandisa is the

Mandisa is the best!!!

Mandisa is next American Idol!

Lisa Tucker will show

Lisa Tucker will show America who's a real idol, it doesn't take American Idol or Star Search to judge her. Like alot of pop stars that don't make winners on these shows end up making albums on their own. I'm sure someone's gonna see her potential, give her a record deal...with or without these shows. I think Ed, Randy, Simon, and Paula should be booted. C'mon, Ed doesn't sing...he justs laughs as Carson's sidekick. Randy doesn't sing either...just played guitar with Journey...whooptie-doo. Simon...he just needs to look in the mirror and see an insult. And finally Paula....a singer....taught Janet to dance (yeah right)...DID ANYONE ACTUALLY BUY HER ALBUMS?


I hope Taylor wins American

I hope Taylor wins American Idol. This sounds bias but Eliot can't win because he isnt that great of a singer, but is ok at it. Chris does the same thing every week. Catherine is good, but we need a guy this year. BUT TAYLOR NEEDS TO STEP IT UP AND KNOCK THE AUDIENCE DEAD!!

hey.................from my

hey.................from my point of view.......i think either chris or kelly will win. they r sure gonna b the top 2.its gonna b like last yr...... a rocker vs a courtry singer.......chris is so bo bice n man kelly surely reminds me of carrie underwood............nyway...................they both vote 4 them pals k...............we cnt do nothin from here. cnt relly vote from the asian countries..........can only depends on u guys.....

I think last night was rough

I think last night was rough for everyone but Chris. Chris is starting to win me over cuz his performances are memorable and something you want to hear again. Elliott's first song choice was lousy, it was sung last year by Scott Savol also, entire year of 78 he could have picked a better song. Katherine was off key her entire first song, notes that should have been dragged out just came out flat and she was over-singing. Paris was dull as always, added nothing new to her songs. Taylor did alright, he is fun to watch.

I hate Play that funky music white boy, that song is played by just about every cover band in the counrty and it sucks!! But Taylor rocked it out. I voted for Elliott, Taylor & Chris this week. We;ll see what happens tonight, everyone is expecting Paris to go...




I personally feel that

I personally feel that Taylor should be crowned the next American Idol hands down...there is NO competition !!!

What do you want in an American Idol? Some1 who can sing? Well, I feel Taylor is the only one who can really really sing out of all the lot...he has originality and he can move people with his voice...the rest all just sing 'nice' songs, songs which I don't feel would arouse emotions or make you feel something...I feel that the others are only just hyped up!

Taylor is some1 we can look upto. His qualities of modesty and integrity are clearly visible. The others? Well...they are all 1 dimensional...and i dont think any1 can relate to them...

Taylor should win this competition...and I think he deserves it more than any1 could!

Bucky rules!He have many,

Bucky rules!He have many, many fans! I can tell! He is the next American Idol by far!!!!!

Sorry Ace, but you should

Sorry Ace, but you should have been out of here a long time ago! I am suprised you are still here! SOOO!

Taylor Hicks reminds me of

Taylor Hicks reminds me of Joe Cochran when he moves.  Sometimes he sounds ok; in my opinion not a candidate for The American Idol.  I vote for Katharine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine McPhee is the next

Katherine McPhee is the next American Idol, short and simple. Show it to me when the time comes girl, you are my idol and you're beautiful.

personally i think a country

personally i think a country theme is dumb cuz i CAN'T STAND country music. it's all twangy and stupid sounding, but i guess i can live wiht it for an hour.uuuhhhggg!oh well:(

Bucky, I think, will be very

Bucky, I think, will be very good at the country music tomorrow. Same with Kellie. They are both more into and sound more like contry music. If Kevin was still here, I think he woundn't a very good job at it. He sounds more like jazz or folk music. Sorry Ace, but your OUT OF HERE!!! He should not be here. You have to judge people be their voice NOT their looks. I mean, Elliot is good, but I do not particularly like him. Both my friend and I do not like Elliot or Ace. We bothe like Bucky, Chris, Taylor and Mandisa. Hey, did you know that Bucky's real name is William? Man was I suprised. If you want proof. go to the bottom of this page. And Mandisa's last name is Hundley. I wander why she only goes by her first name. It is a little wierd. And why does Bucky go by Bucky instead of William? That is also a little wierd.

Okay, Who would be better

Okay, Who would be better for American Idol then Bucky? He shoud be it! I do not know if they get to read this, but Bucky, you are AWESOME!!! I am a HUGE fan!!!

If Bucky leaves,

If Bucky leaves, :(

i think ace should totally

i think ace should totally be the next idol. besides the fact that he is gorgeous, he has really strong vocals and i think bucky should be the next one to go....or elliot.

Well, I really think that

Well, I really think that Ace is soooooooooooo cute I understand that and his voice is alrite, but anyways I like Picklers voice and Mandissa I think one of em should win......................go gurls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its really hard to decide

Its really hard to decide this year. so many of them are really good.  I have a hard time picking someone to vote for.  I hope next week they can get back to singing upbeat songs and stop with the ballads.  I also like when they pick song choices that are familiar.  One of my favorite performances on the show as a whole is back when Fantasia was on she sang Chain of Fools.  She just seemed so cool singing it.  I hope somebody outshines the rest so I wont be so confused voting.  I voted for Chris and Katherine last night but it took me nearly 1 hour and a half to get through.  One thing I noticed about Katherine is that to me she looks like Sally Field the actress.  It's weird.  I do like Elliot he has a special kind of voice.  Both him and Chris are real good to me.





What a great show last

What a great show last night!! I think everyone did great but Kellie. She just may be in the bottom 3 tonight. Paris' song was a bit boring. Taylor's was also until he started spazzin out towards the end! Elliott & Katherine were great as usual! Randy had a good point when he told Ace he should sing in all falsetto. Chris did awesome, I acually really enjoyed his song.

I had serious trouble getting through to the voting lines! I had to work but still. I got Elliott only 38 times, Katherine 22, and Taylor 3. This was probably the best show yet, 6 great performances, and seeing Kellie act modest about "butchering" her song may get her a ticket home on a "oops it was my fault" deal- which will make it easier on her, rather than having her nail a song then get voted off and watch her baul on stage. Can't wait to see the results show!!

I really thing that TAYLOR

I really thing that TAYLOR HICKS and ELLIOT should be the last two, both those boys can sing sing sing. Very impressed with Americas talent this year, 4 of the guys are brilliant and 5 of the Girls are fantastic. But Taylor and Elliot all the way!

hi americans.. just want you

hi americans.. just want you to know, we watch all of your idols BUT from all seasons, only Kelly Clarkson sells in our country.. as we like to hear her voice on radio, CDs and Cassettes... other winners, not sell in here..  BUT from idol 5, i think CHRIS DAUGHTRY will sell and famous in our country also as his voice very very great like Kelly Clarkson.. i dont know why Taylor for some people good, but regardles what you guys thinking, i believe only CHRIS  can be famous in our country... our country not as big as yours, that is why we only know Big Stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston , Mariah, Christina Aguilera, etc.. and all because of their voices.. 

Chris Daughty, We love you.

Chris Daughty, We love you. I will be the first in line to buy your C.D

A friend just told me that

A friend just told me that Chris was offered a job as the the lead singer for Creed.

They'll have the details tonight on TV's EXTRA.  7pm EST.

gooooooooooooooo katherin

gooooooooooooooo katherin chris is hott but he got out awww

Chris should have won. he's

Chris should have won. he's much better than all of them. But he would've been wasted on pop. rock is what he was supposed to do. Taylor is terrible, i don't know why he is where he is. Catherine is really good. Oh, and Randy is SO annoying, he's such a wannabe!!!

Hey everyone, just wanted to

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in and tell you that right now Chris is #20 on the pop charts with "Dead or Alive" for the most requested song of the day, and in the past hour alone has moved up nearly 10 spots! If you go to iTunes you can download the song, and keep moving him all the way up to #1 !Elliot is dropping in at #24, Taylor at #40, Katharine at #59, and Ace at #80... with no other idols in the top 100... let's keep Chris at the top of the idol charts, and the pop charts as well!Come on guys, it's only 99 cents, and we all know Chris is worth a lot more than that... buy, buy, buy!!!

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I knew as soon as i heard

I knew as soon as i heard her,please choose her.

I think Katherine might

I think Katherine might acually go home tomorrow. As far as your other statement. I just just heard Carrie's hit on country radio and Im sorry but she sounds excatly like every other female country music artist. If you're talking about best idol to ever win, you obviously have to look at longevity on the charts and popularity - Kelly Clarkson.

ok all of you that like

ok all of u that like TAYLOR seriously needa get real cuz nobody is better than ACE YOUNG..guys that need to get off the show asap are as following: KEVIN COVAIS and TAYLOR HICKS..... chicks that gotta go are : none so far

I really like your comment

I really like your comment Judy. I like Taylor and Kelly too.

Did he graduate from

Did he graduate from Fluvanna county high school??

Paris will so win!  But

Paris will so win!  But I'm also pulling for Kelly! 

She may be entergetic, but

She may be entergetic, but she certainly does not have the talent that Kelly and Paris possess!

I couldnt agree

I couldnt agree more...........Taylor Hicks Talent

Ok I know this is a Pop Star

Ok I know this is a Pop Star show but go outside the box and look at talent and originality for once.......Taylor Hicks...........X-factor

Even if Taylor doesn't

Even if Taylor doesn't win.......he is fantastic!!!!!! and he should continue with music.  You can tell he really loves and enjoys what he does!  AND IT SHOWS!!!!!

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i am so with you,...he can't

i am so with you,...he can't sing and it is totally making a mockery of this compitition!

i completely agree.........

i completely agree......... chris is totally wickid....... lol....... go chris go