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Brenna Gethers

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2006-02-23 20:20

Audition Number: 0
Audition City: tba
Home Town: tba
Age: 3
Birthdate: tba
Starsign: tba
Ethnicity: tba
Relationship Status: tba
Family Members: tba

Favourite Artists: HERSELF

Song List:
Judges Audition: tba
Hollywood Audition: tba
Top 24: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Top 20: Last Dance

Fansites: tba

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You are hot!  I love you. 

You are hot!  I love you.  I hope you will go all the way to the final and win the competition.

Brenna,I have been going


I have been going over my recordings of this season's American Idols and I was absolutely enchanted by your panache.  I am hoping that you are still plugging away at your dreams.  From your story, I know that you have had a rough time in life and I think that is what has given you such a strong character.  Anyone else would have just given up and taken the easy road.  I hope to be able to see and hear you soon, maybe as one of those who interview stars on the RED carpet!  I think you'd be great and I know that you won't take NO COMMENT as an answer.  You would be a HIT!  Good Luck.