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Phillip Phillips' surgery postponed

Submitted by brad on Wed, 2012-05-30 04:04

Phillip Phillips will not have kidney surgery today as scheduled, because he's burning up with a fever ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Phillip has a serious congenital kidney condition that produces kidney stones so large they cannot pass.  The condition has virtually debilitated his right kidney -- requiring 8 prior surgeries.

Phillip has had a flare-up through almost the entire "American Idol" competition, requiring a stent that was surgically inserted two months ago -- causing the singer extreme and continuous pain.


Kris Allen - Put American Idol out of its misery

Submitted by brad on Mon, 2012-05-28 08:19

Stick a fork in "American Idol" ... it's done -- at least according to former champ Kris Allen, who strongly insinuated the show has run its course.

Kris -- who beat out Adam Lambert to win Season 8 -- was in LA yesterday when we asked if he caught the "Idol" finale Wednesday night. But like millions of former "Idol" fans across the country, Kris said he did NOT.

In fact, Kris said it might be time to pull the plug on "Idol" ... for good.


Jessica Sanchez given lowest pay-out in Idol history

Submitted by brad on Mon, 2012-05-28 07:26

Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez will receive the lowest pay-out in the history of the show.

While in the past, runners-up have received a guaranteed advance of at least $175,000 and a full album deal, Sanchez will net only $60,000 at most for advance sin singles or EP records.

The problem for Sanchez is that she is now tied into the Idol deal and cannot be signed by other record labels who may offer her a better deal.


Lowest-rating American Idol finale in history

Submitted by brad on Fri, 2012-05-25 02:41

American Idol has posted its worst numbers for a season finale in its history.

The season 11 finale this week, where Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner over Jessica Sanchez, was watched by 21.5 million people, which is down 26% on last season.

While the numbers are still big for a single show of any kind, they are well down on previous finales, including that of season one way back in 2002.


Video: New X Factor USA promo

Submitted by brad on Fri, 2012-05-25 02:21


Video: Phillip Phillips interview with Ryan Seacrest

Submitted by brad on Thu, 2012-05-24 09:06

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Idol winner Phillip Phillips shortly after being crowned champ.


Jessica says she knew Phillip was going to win

Submitted by brad on Thu, 2012-05-24 08:06

Beaten Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez was gracious in defeat after finishing runner-up to Phillip Phillips in this week’s finale.

The 16-year-old told MTV after the show that she always knew Phillips would be victorious.

“When they announced that it was Phillip, I was so happy, and I knew it already,” Sanchez told MTV. “So, that's why I gave him a big hug. I was smiling the whole time. I was like, "This fool is gonna win, and I love him so much!"”


Phillip Phillips crowned the next American Idol

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-05-23 20:10

Phillip Phillips has beaten Jessica Sanchez to claim the crown and title of American Idol in 2012.

Idolblog congratulates Phillip on his win!


American Idol Grand Finale 2012 - Live blog

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-05-23 18:11

A record 132 million votes were cast last night for Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.  In two hours, one of them will be crowned the next American Idol.

To kick off the night, the finalists return for the first group number of the night and perform Runaway Baby.
Runaway Baby - Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Deluxe Version)


Home Lyrics - Phillip Phillips winners single

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-05-23 17:56

Hold on to me as you go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
Although this wave is stringing us a long
Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

Settle down it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear
Trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost you can always be found
Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home