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American Idiots

Submitted by Kimmeh on Tue, 2006-05-23 18:18

This whole site is polluted by irrational idiots who think their favourite idol actually gives a damn about them.

Sure, there are the odd intelligent ones who don't post in text and/or in bold capitals then ramble on about how fat and $lutty Katharine is, but they seem to be few and far between (props to those who are by my definition "intelligent").

I can't understand how the Americans can't seem to say anything constructive.. it's all "blah blah blah and she's so fat what a blah blah blah i hate u 4 lykeing her lyk your the dumest person everr!!!!!!11", and then the parents complaining about their kids being scarred for life after seeing Katharine in her yellow dress, when think about it, which undiscerning person let them see the show in the first place?!


Hello Again

Submitted by Kimmeh on Thu, 2006-05-04 14:34

Mmmm I like this blog.

Regionals are coming up like tomorrow. I stayed up for ages last night writing out my speechy thing (even though it's meant to be points and sub points) because I can't speak for five minutes otherwise.. I'm used to three so five - six is "wowwww". I rambled on at practise about nothing :S

And that's just the Aff. We also have to neg the same moot later in the day and none of us have even started preparing for that... :S Still, we'll be ok. No reputation to uphold or anything.. apparently St Hildas doesn't usually do too well at these :P

Oh.. TELECOM UNBUNDLED!!! Finally we might get broadband :D *so excited* and I'm in the draw for a year of free bb on Slingshot (hopefully I win). Oh and Beagle hasn't updated the Broadband Bullet for a million years and it's starting to piss me off a little.



Submitted by Kimmeh on Fri, 2006-04-28 05:59

I get a blog on American IB?? *had no idea this version of IB was so cool*

Hmmm.. to be honest, my normal blog is much cooler, so I will unashamedly endorse it every time I post here. It's and it's hawt.

Much prettier than Idolblog and this blog.. but that's only to be expected, since the other is the personal journal of a teenage girl (which as Regan so often points out, is an awful thing to be..), and is nice, colourful, and extremely unprofessional.

Oh... I need to go finish / continue my piczo-ness :D It's not working very well, but it might someday eventuate into something slightly less hideous than it currently is. *hope springs eternal*