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Who will be in the Bottom Two tonight?

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2011-11-10 19:07

Our polls have Leroy Bell and The Stereo Hogzz in the bottom two with Stacy Francis not too far behind.

Who is going home? Results next!


X Factor USA Top 11 Performance show - live blog

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2011-11-09 19:16

The judges arrive to the music from Star Wars before we get to see a promo for the Top 11 acts red carpet movie premiere.

The goal tonight, to make it into the Top 10.  Tonight's theme is music from the movies. Here's how it played out.

Act: Stacy Francis

Mentor: Nicole Scherzinger
Song: Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night (Radio Edit) - The Bodyguard (Original Soundtrack Album)

X Factor USA Voting Information

Judges Comments:


X Factor Top 12 elimination - live blog

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2011-11-03 18:08

Who is going to lose one of their acts this week? Our judges Paula Abdul, LA Reid, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell are about to be judged by the voting public of America.

X Factor USA host Steve Jones gives us a rundown as to how this will work.  The top ten acts will be announced and then the bottom two will perform again before the judges decide which of them will be going home.


Who will be the first act eliminated from the X Factor USA?

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2011-11-03 16:48

It was the first live show of the Top 12 last night with America finally getting a chance to have their say as to who their favourites are.  Tonight we'll find out who didn't find enough favor and is given the boot.

Let's take a look at the polls and find out how it might play out.

Rickey has Leroy Bell, Astro, InTENsity and Lakoda Rayne in the bottom four while Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Drew Ryniewicz are the top 3.

The top 3 is the same at MJ's Big Blog while The Stereo Hogzz, Rachel Crow and InTENsity are at the bottom.

Over at Dial Idol, It's a very different story for Rachel Crow who tops the poll while InTENsity comes in fourth. Drew, Astro and Lakoda Rayne are the bottom three.


The X Factor Top 12 Performance Show: Live Blog

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2011-11-02 21:21

Tonight, for the first time, our final twelve are singing for your vote.  Tomorrow night, one of them will be going home.  Your votes are crucial as to who is going to walk away with the five million dollar prize and the Pepsi commercial.

Who are you backing? Here's how the show went down:

Act: The Stereo Hogzz
Mentor: Paula Abdul
Song: Rhythm Nation
Rhythm Nation - Rhythm Nation 1814

X Factor USA Voting Information


An Open Letter to Simon Cowell

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2011-10-26 02:43

On 23 September 2011 Simco (a company largely owned by you) lodged an application in Europe to trademark the name "Rhythmix" for use by the programme X Factor. At the time of lodging that application X Factor and Simco were fully aware that "Rhythmix" was an existing trademarked name of a music charity that works with vulnerable young people.

Rather than seeking any discussion with the Charity, considering any of the moral implications of their actions, or checking with the Charity whether the pursuit of an exclusive trademark might have a negative impact on the activities of the Charity, Simco and their legal representatives apparently sought a way to use the law to circumvent the trademark of the Charity.

We don't buy this media invention of you as Mr Nasty. Your wikipedia entry explains at length your involvement with children's charities, and we commend you for it. But equally we don't believe that you are unaware of the way your own company is acting. Or maybe your staff are trying to "manage" it for you?

By pursuing these trademarks Simco is forcing the Charity to take legal action to ensure it can continue to exist and offer opportunities to young people to create and perform their own music. Maybe those young people won't be on your programmes, or your record label, but the music they create is important to them.

Rhythmix the charity has worked with over 40,000 young people in the last twelve years. All of that work is placed at risk by the actions of your company. Every legal action the Charity has to take to protect itself from Simco is a project that won't happen. A project that could make a difference to a vulnerable young person. A large number of the public reading this will see it for exactly what it is; a ridiculously overblown storm in a tiny teacup. Simco are solely responsible for that situation and you can resolve it in a matter of seconds.

For that reason, Simon, we are personally asking you to sort this problem out in the quickest and simplest way:

Just change the name.

Thank you.

Mark Davyd
Chief Executive


The X Factor Live Show #1 - Live Blog

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2011-10-25 18:15

It's a big night tonight!  The first of the X Factor live shows.  Tonight, the judges need to end the night with only 3 acts each.  Cutting one isn't going to be easy.  Simon has the unenviable task of eliminating two.

First up, it's the boys.

Jump - Totally Krossed Out

Judges comments


The Top 16: The X Factor results live blog

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2011-10-18 18:10

The judges have had a chance to sleep on their decisions and today is it. First up for their verdict are Tara Woloshin and Simone Battle from Simon Cowell's girls.

Simon tells Tara that she didn't make it but it's good news for Simone Battle who becomes the first finalist through to the live shows.

Next up is Drew Ryniewicz. Simon tells her she wasn't the best teenager. She was, in fact, the best contestant of the day.

Josh Krajcik is Nicole Scherzinger's first contestant in the live shows.  He is very relieved.

Next up for their verdicts are Krista Collins, Dexter Haygood and James Kenny.  Who is going through and who is going home?

Krista is cut. Kenny is also cut.  Dexter is going to the live shows.  Is she serious?!!

It's time for the groups. 2Squared, Illusion Confusion and The Brewer Boys are first up to find out if they're progressing. The Brewer Boys are the lucky ones being put through to the live shows by Paula Adul.


While we wait for the X Factor finalists to be revealed

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2011-10-18 02:58

While we're waiting for the final 16 contestants to be named on The X Factor USA, ponder this.  Beer commercials are often the best you can see. Heineken's "The Date" is no exception. Here is a behind the scenes clip:

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