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Are you happy Scotty McCreery won American Idol

Oh, come on please. Scotty

Oh, come on please. Scotty amd Lauren are not in million ways fit to be couple!!! And you should not be spending your time thinking about who should couple and who should not- i guess that kind of small way of thinking got James and Casey out of the game. And yes, this years idol was the most unappropriate so far- nice thing we are teaching our children, that all girls performing should look like girls that dance around the poles in a smoky bars- so cheap. so trashy and so made me wanna puke and never watch it. Someone should tell the producers that looking like a WH... is not the way to raise your kids!!!! There are a specaial programs for those inh need of that!

Scotty deffinitely isn't the

Scotty deffinitely isn't the worst idol! So hush up! Even though i love lauren i was glad she was happy for him. He is really a very talented singer. I really am hoping for a Scotty and Lauren couple though and i think it could deffinitely happen. MAKE YOUR MOVE SCOTTY!!!! Does anyone else besides me think it would have been the cutest thing if Scotty asked her out on stage?!?!?!!!! Anyways i hope you both become very famous cuz ur both awesome! <3

Scotty is

Scotty is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O and does anyone know about scotty and laurens realationship? They were getting pretty cozy!!!!!!!! Scotty wouldn't stop hugging lauren  at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I hope they date!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotty and Lauren ARE

Scotty and Lauren ARE excellent singers and WILL both have amazing careers.  SCOTTY was my favorite and I am THRILLED he won.  I pray he keeps his wits about him and sticks to his morals.  If this season is any indication I think he will do just that. 

As for the final my opinion there was only 30 minutes total worth even watching.  I think it was risque and totally inappropriate for family viewing.  And while I think Steven is a kind hearted soul I think he needs a dictionary.  It is not impressive that he cannot complete a sentence without beeing bleeped.  It is offensive!  I am glad I am not raising a child today and having to deal with them being bombarded with soft porn at every tuen.  I love AI but I am SICK of the smut! 


You are the biggest idiot I

You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen post a comment.  They both are amazing and equally as good in talent.  Not sure how in touch you are with music, or sensitive your ears are to singing perfection, but I can assure you he and lauren are both very talented and will have succesful music careers.  This was actually by far the best season to date as far as talent was concerned.  In addition, to date the final show was also by far better than any other final show they have had.  I have watched ever season, and been around music my entire life, so I am informing you of your ignorance to true talent and music perfection.  They were the best 2 of the group and equally as great.  Go Scotty and Lauren!

Scotty is the worst Idol to

Scotty is the worst Idol to date. I'm afraid the show may be at its end. This will kill the show just like pay per view killed boxing. The last 4 or 5 seasons has got the obvious winner wrong. Is it fixed, just to be shocking or does the voting need to change to voting who you want kicked off instead of who you like, to avoid 8 year old girls tainting the vote. Then let the judges make the final vote. Even when they narrowed the field to 24 contestants he was the weakest singer. I will give him credit, he has improved greatly but still not even close in talent to the rest. He is just another Clay Aikmen. And the song written for him sounds like a song for preschoolers. Lauren will be the most successfull contestant since Carrie Underwood. The Album sales will show the true Idol. Just give it a couple of years!