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Antonella Barba

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2007-02-14 20:58

Is this the next American Idol?

Name: Antonella Barbra

Audition City: New York
Home town: Point Pleasant
Age: 19

Relationship Status:


Song List:
Judges Audition: Lil' Flip - The Leprechaun - Gotta Be Me Gotta Be Me
Top 24: Aerosmith - O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Top 20: Celine Dion - Falling Into You - Because You Loved Me Because You Loved Me

I want to vote so what is Antonella Barba's Voting Number?

antonella pics are not that

antonella pics are not that slutty, she was just having some fun, thats all.

they say that what you judge

they say that what you judge other people for your guilty of

go antonella!!!

go antonella!!!

The judges must have been

The judges must have been told to try and influence voters to kick her off due to the controversy. She did nothing worng. thousandsof young girls around the USA are taking fun pics half dressed. this is normal collegiate behavior in 2007.

Antonella is the only one with the WOW factor on IDOL. She has all that it takes to be a superstar. Sheis drop dead and I mean drop dead gorgeous. You cannot take your eyes away from her when she is on the screen. nochick comes close to her on this season's IDOL. If the Ameircan Idol producers were smart they would be getting vocal coaches to help her get better and they could make a lot of money with her if she last to the finals.

Get with it. Antonella is star material ~!!!

If I were her adviser I would be trying to get her to sing some real upbeat dance songs. She would do good with "I Will Survive," "Love Will keep Us Together," "I love the nightlife."

i like her fashion sense, but she should exploit her sensuality even more by winking at the camera, and doing some sexy poses when she sings.

Antonella is the best. The

Antonella is the best. The judges lied last night and they know it. Everyone is jealous of her. People who care about her pics on the internet just contribute to the super conservative culture of this country. By the way there is no way that is her giving a blow job. Forget the fat chicks their singing is lame and has no soul. Stop being jealous and give Antonella what she deserves. She should start her own band because she is too real for this plastic Hollywood super conservative snorefest.

dude I know!

dude I know!



I agree that this girl does

I agree that this girl does such (litterally.) I dont know what america is thinking.

why is she still on idol?? i

why is she still on idol?? i remember some girl from the first or 2nd season got kicked off of idol after they found pictures of her topless.

meanwhile this girl is getting away with being raunchy and slutty? what the heckkk??

I don't have a clue why

I don't have a clue why she's still on because they have kicked way better singers off.