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American Idol Top 5: live blog

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2012-05-02 18:13

We're down to 5.  It's 60's night and I'm semi excited.  Hollie is going to have to really step it up tonight as I think she could be the next to go.  Here's how it played out.

Hollie Cavanagh
Song choice: River Deep, Mountain High
River Deep Mountain High - River Deep-Mountain High

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My thoughts: This wasn't too bad for Hollie.  It wasn't too oversung and she actually made a fairly decent job of a seriously over sung song.

Judges comments:
Steven: You just did it and showed me you have it in you.
J Lo: I could really feel you attacking the song. It was a different Hollie out there tonight.
Randy: I loved it too.  Very nice. Very nice.

Phillip Phillips
Song choice: The letter
The Letter - Best of the Box Top - Soul Deep (Remastered)

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My thoughts: I actually enjoyed that. It was a nice original spin on an old song.

Judges comments:
Randy: Maybe it didn't have as much melody but you made it new for me and I loved it.
J Lo: I don't know the original song but you're so compelling to watch. I want to get up and clap when you're done.
Steven: I missed the melody but you get away with it.

Skylar Laine
Song choice: Fortunate Song
 20 Greatest Hits

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My thoughts: This was right in the pocket for Skylar tonight and should play to her fans nicely.

Judges comments:
J Lo: It's like you attack every song. It makes the crowd go crazy and each week we're seeing how comfortable you are up there
Steven: It was just fabulous. Everything. I love it.
Randy: You are born to be on the stage. Another great performance for you. You are so in your element being on the stage entertaining a crowd.

Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips
Song choice: You've Lost That Loving Feeling
You've Lost That Loving Feeling - The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered)

My thoughts: It's kind of a weird duet for two straight men to be singing together.

Judges comments:
Steven: Match made in heaven. I think it was perfect
J Lo: I think you guys felt awkward singing that song together
Randy: It started off a little slow but when you let go, it came alive.

Jessica Sanchez
Song choice: Proud Mary
 20 Greatest Hits

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My thoughts: I am incredibly disappointed that Jessica wasn't encouraged enough to pick a different song.  Every time it comes to the sixties, out an entire decade of songs, Proud Mary is always sung. Original? No.

Judges comments:
J Lo: I keep forgetting that you're 16 years old. You bought it all tonight.  I loved seeing you move.
Steven: The only thing that gives experience a run for it's money is a sixteen year old.
Randy: This performance was barely ok for me. You took on the biggest song of the night.  It didn't quite sit with me.

Joshua Ledet
Song choice: Ain't Too Proud To Beg
 The Best of the Temptations

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My thoughts: Another solid performance from Joshua but a disappointing song choice.

Judges comments:
Steven: It's hard to concentrate on you with such pretty background singers
J Lo: You're like a throw back from another era. I just enjoy every time you get up there
Randy: You could bring RnB back in a different kind of way.


Hollie Cavanagh
Song choice: Bleeding Love
Bleeding Love - Bleeding Love - Single

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My thoughts: I love this song and Hollie's performance of it was

Judges comments:
Randy: You're two for two tonight. You're peaking at the right time.
J Lo: You belong here

Philiip Phillips
Song choice: Time Of The Season
Time of the Season - Odessey and Oracle

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My thoughts: It was ok. Nothing to write home about though.

Judges comments:
Randy: We were like, he really can sing the melody. I thought it was a nice performance
J Lo: You did a good job with it
Steven: I'm glad you chose that song and chose to sing the melody.

Hollie Cavanagh, Jeesica Sanchez and Skylar Laine
Song choice: Your Love Keeps Lifting Me
 20 Greatest Hits

My thoughts: It was ok but it seemed void of any real energy



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