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American Idol bullies

Submitted by The Critic on Mon, 2012-04-30 01:59

When the American Idol contestants got to "comment" on each other last week I wondered what the deal was with some of the things they were saying behind each others backs and then broadcast for the world to see.

Perhaps it was all in good fun and far more edited and staged than it appeared but some of the comments did seem a little hurtful with some of the responses being that of shock.

One commenter emailed with the following observation.

I just watched the Idol where they made fun of each other; I thought of the some statements were cruel. In my opinion, they were verbal bullying; which is not a good thing to project to the young viewers. Bullying is a big enough problem without IDOL approving  of it.

Was it bullying?  What did you make of it all?


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