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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-01-17 16:52
American Idol 2006

Season 5 of kicks off tonight with the Chicago Auditions. No doubt we're in for some talent, and some not so talented performances.

Who were your favourites? What were the highlights of tonight's episode? Have your say.

Recap coming soon.

hey i think that this show

hey i think that this show is the best show ever.... i watch it all the time.......

do you ever have any kids as

do you ever have any kids as american idol if u dont u need to because i can shut dwn the show.

I really didnt like this

I really didnt like this season's winner because she didnt really stand out like lots of other contestant's or otner winner's did on american idol

can someone help me with na

can someone help me with na question? Do the three judges we see on TV have to listen to all of the people we saw on the street last night??

i LOVE Mandisa...maybe she

i LOVE Mandisa...maybe she won't get screwed like Jennifer Hudson!!

A question for you Simon

A question for you Simon Cowell you shouldn't be mean to others like Carrie Underwood because I love Carrie Underwood,Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and other singers so please trust me please gotta go bye

honestly, if guys don't want

honestly, if guys don't want to be asked if they'rea girl, then don't dress in girl clothes and wear a girl hairstyle. it really IS that simple - for that guy to be whining that they discriminated against him because he was "different" was rediculous. they didn't like his voice, and anyone could see why that was. and crying about it like a baby afterwards? c'mon, he just wanted attention. he tries to be different, but he's not doing anything that maryln manson hasn't done before him. if you want to be original, then at least do something more than act like a transvestite, because thats not new, or original.

To Garet Johnson:Cowboy Up,

To Garet Johnson:

Cowboy Up, Son!  Hollywood is as tough a place as any butt busting steer. I am pulling for you, but for the winnings sake, Do what Simon suggested and get some vocal coaching.  You DO have talent, but it needs a little brushing up to compete with others who have had coaching for years. Hollywood chews up people and spits them out everyday.  If you got tough skin you can make it - You have lots of fans and people honestly want to see you make it.  God speed.

hey every one i think you do

hey every one i think you do alot of good judging and i feel you do well so despite what any one else says i love you all the same...

No. There is process that

No. There is process that takes place where the producers narrow the field down. Only those who are deemed "TV Material" make it through to audition in front of the judges.

If each contestant had 2 minutes in front of the judges it would take them 2 weeks, without a break, to get through the 10,000 odd people who turn up at each venue.

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