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Alexis Grace

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2009-03-04 02:58

Is Alexis Grace the next American Idol?

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I want to vote so what is Alexis Grace's voting number?


I cannot believe Alexis was

I cannot believe Alexis was sent packing last night. This girl had huge potential. I think Lil Rounds should have been sent home last night. Sure she can sing, but we already have Fantasia...Lil is not unique and needs to go!

Alexis has the package and

Alexis has the package and is going to be a star whether she wins or not, the same goes for Megan, they are current and have the package.... I am routing for the gals.. a Guy won last season. I would like to see something different, not a rocker, not a pop star, not r & B.. Megan is unique and this show is about bringing unique to the forefront.. Rock on Gals!

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