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Adam Lambert

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2009-03-05 18:53

Is Adam Lambert the next American Idol?

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I want to vote so what is Adam Lambert's voting number?

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well i think so that all 

well i think so that all  knew one thing that Adam is the man, who take care of business. nd its good to see the business ( ) is going at the upper stage due to his efferot.


I just wanted to let

I just wanted to let everybody know that Adam is still the man, and is still taking care of business. It has been such a pleasure to watch his fame grow. I have been on his youtube channel a ton lately: coupons/adamlambert

Thank you AI for giving us

Thank you AI for giving us the best year ever. I almost did not watch this year because it was getting a little rediculious that they could not find extremely good talent out of all the millions of people across the nation. I am in the music business and I run into backyard superstars all the time. It is really not that difficult. I do think AI spends way too much time trying to display the American Idiots for show factor. I would really like to see them air the really really good ones that got away. I am completely worn out with the TV appearances of the ones that possess absolutely NO talent, yet they make it thru to the final judging stage for the opportunity to go to Hollywood. This makes Americal look like our talent is far and few between and that is simply not true. AI is a talent competition not America's Funniest Videos...that show has a slot.

The top 10 this year were more entertaining and desireable to watch. But, Adam was in a class all to himself. He walked on from the beginning as a true performer. Everytime is sang it was amazing to watch and hear. He was like the "Star of the show" every night. I could hardly wait for the next performance. He is a true Rock and Roller. I believe he will rise to the top and raise the level of RnR fans with his unique style and amazing voice. I am sure the record labels are lined up to get his signature. Not winning is probably a better situation for him....he ismore available to the industry and not so locked into the American Idol's contract and stupulations.

The record sales will speak volumes over who was true winner. If it is true that Simon gets a percentage of the winners sales, then I can pretty much assume that Simon is dissappointed with the outcome and wishes they had retained the "Save the contestant" vote for later (imagine that happening on the finaly).

My prediction...Adam will soar and find a huge place in history as one of Life's all time performers. His talent is several levels above what anyone else has to offer. You will not see another performer like him for quite some time. History proves that this particular talent only comes along once in a while.

The other contestants were really good and possessed strong talent. Kris is so cute and sweet, he will make a great Pin-up for all the young girls to swoom over. He will also entertain us with his music as he has a wonderful talent, but he too could see the greatness in Adam. Most fellow musicians can recognize great talent and respect it. Kris won the popular vote, but he too knows that Adam is amazing and the talent part of the competition was his.....he said so in his comment. I respect Kris more for his honest comment. It takes a good confident musician to recognize a great one, and give credit where credit is due.

I am not really into Rock and Roll, I am a country music fan. But I can't wait to see Adam in concert one day. His voice captures my attention and leaves me wanting more.

I wish all of the contestants a successful future. Thanks for the best season ever.



Kris Allen’s own words

Kris Allen’s own words after learning he had won “American Idol” echo my own sentiment: Adam deserves this. Allen recognized, along with a lot of others, the phenomenal, enigmatic talent of his competitor, Adam Lambert. No other competitor was even in the same category as Lambert. Allen shouldn’t be too humble, though. If Lambert hadn’t been in the competition, Allen would definitely have been on equal footing with his closest competitors (Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey). Now some in the media are suggesting that the Christian vote was the deciding factor in this Idol upset. They cite past winners like Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and Reuben Studdard who are confessing Christians as evidence of this influence. Kris Allen and Danny Gokey were seen as the Christian finalists, while rumors and pictures that suggested Lambert was gay flooded the Internet and airwaves. Nearly 100,000,000 votes were cast for the final showdown Tuesday night. I do not know what percentage of those voting were Christians (at least one of those—OK, thirty-plus of those votes were from a Christian), but, theoretically at least, 100% of the voters were Americans. I contend that the deciding factor in the voting this season was not that Christians only vote for their own kind, but that Americans in general are losing their love for exceptionality.
Adam Lambert was exceptional. The judges regularly heaped praise on him. The other contestants constantly were forced to attempt to rise to his level of artistry and ability. Being likened to Adam by the judges was always a good thing. With the exception of that horrible song both finalists had the unfortunate duty to sing during Tuesday’s contest, every song Lambert sang became a unique masterpiece. From his sexy snarling rock power anthems to his tender, heart-wrenching love songs and everything in between, Adam Lambert could do it all, and do it in a way that was original, memorable and beyond compare. If any comparisons were to be made, Lambert would be likened to one of the truly great artists of previous generations—Elvis Pressley, Freddy Mercury, or even Michael Jackson. Phenomenal!
Kris Allen was unassuming and humble, not to mention, adorable. His performances on American Idol were hit and miss, but mostly hit. He was never flamboyant, but also, not incredibly original. His vocal prowess, by his own admission, was not in the same league as many of his co-contenders. However, he was voted the next American Idol. In a singing competition—a search to find the next big star—America chose not the exceptional, but the common.
America is on a downward trend toward the lowest common denominator. Not all firemen are qualified for a promotion in New Haven, Connecticut, so in order to avoid a racial uproar, no one is promoted, not even those who, like Frank Ricci, sacrificed and worked extremely hard to make an excellent grade on the qualifying exam. Students are no longer expected to strive toward mastery of difficult subjects like Latin and logic, but outcome-based goals have replaced true learning while cramming a one-size-fits-most education down their throats via compulsory attendance laws. The culture of political correctness has made it a sin to be the best, the brightest, or exceptional—someone else’s self-esteem may be hurt. If someone has great wealth, then he, by definition, stepped on all the little people and poisoned the planet to get it. (Of course, it would never occur to those that hold him in contempt that this rich man was innovative, hardworking, and willing to take risks that many would not dare.) So now our government has to redistribute his wealth to those slackers that didn’t work as hard, or make the same personal sacrifices. (It’s only fair, right?) There seems to be a spirit of jealousy and animosity driving this gravitation toward the mundane.
Did Kris Allen defeat Adam Lambert in a singing contest because he could sing better than his opponent? The answer to that is a resounding “no.” Is the media trying to turn this into a culture war between Christians and those who support a gay lifestyle? Probably, but in doing so they miss the significance of this. Kris Allen won because Americans, no longer proud to be “exceptional,” “the leader of the free world,” or “a city on a hill,” have come to despise anyone who exemplifies true greatness.

Jeeez, Sally.... way to over

Jeeez, Sally.... way to over analyze. Did you or anyone ever think that maybe a lot of people just didn't care for the TYPE of music Adam sang? For me, I don't care for it, no matter how good Adam sang it. It's a personal preference and has nothing to do with ideologies. If I had a choice between Adam and a Gangster Rapper, I would vote for Adam. Do you get it? I know what I like. Your opinion may be different. I'm glad we live in a country when we can disagree.

NAH! Kris Alien won coz

NAH! Kris Alien won coz votes were counted not the voters!!!!!! 100 million votes didn't mean that "a lot of people maybe just didn't care for the TYPE of music Adam sang" nor it means that more people like Kris Alien's music TYPE. tsk..tsk.. Kris' fans just have more powerful fingers and more do-nothing timeon their hands! How many calls/texts did you do for him?? 5k? 10? 20K? sheeesshh.....

If it could have been World

If it could have been World Idol...Adam could have won it...landslide! I thought Americans have welcomed a great change putting Obama in the highest seat in your country. Simply because Adam was not your typical boy next door-Zach Efron-like you discounted the fact that Adam was all worth your vote. Shameful...shameful...



Wow- sounds like you need to

Wow- sounds like you need to have your ears checked.Adam Lambert is SO talented, unlike Kris Allen who just has a limited vocal range and is just PLAIN. I like Kris, but he is not in the same class as Adam! And you are ignorant to think that he shouldve won... people like you amaze me. I couldn't care less if Adam wears makeup or crazy costumes..its a SINGING COMPETITION not a FASHION WAR!

Wow.....strong words....for

Wow.....strong words....for an ignorant like you!!!!

ADAM ROCKS!! Thank you for

ADAM ROCKS!! Thank you for the best season EVER!! I will miss not seeing you every week!!

heey i love addam ur fab im

heey i love addam ur fab im from the uk so my mum records it and every night i whatch it and heeeesss FFAABB!!!!!!!!! I REALY WANT HIM 2 WIN

Adam is by far the most

Adam is by far the most talented on every level and Kris is only still there for the same reason that mediocre performers like miley cyrus and the jonas brothers have a career... because of tweens! Would have like to seen Danny in the final two, but at least Adam made it.

Adam Lambert is the MOST

Adam Lambert is the MOST RELEVANT AND TALENTED contestant in the entire history of the American Idol. Absolutely the BEST EVER!!!

Seriously, the most talented

Seriously, the most talented ever???? He may be a good singer, but Best is a far stretch for him!

Who cares if he is Gay or BI

Who cares if he is Gay or BI or just shy
he is a heck of a guy and is polite , sexy, honest and HELLO
he can SING ...................
So everyoone pick it up call in and VOTE ADAM ALL THE WAY

i agree that adam lambert is

i agree that adam lambert is a good singer but he screams alot while hitting the high notes. he is good in screaming... :)

Adam is GAY just like CLAY

Adam is GAY just like CLAY Aiken!

Adam is Gay! He is not into

Adam is Gay!

He is not into girls!
I agree he is hot looking, but he likes boys.

Sorry to burst your bubble

sorry to burst all of your

sorry to burst all of your bubles but just because he dresses like a rock punk and has a gentel voice he is not gay you ppl make me sick by judgeing others just because of the way they look he's not gay so what he wears makeup woopdedoo i know alot of guys that do make up and when you're in musical theater you have to learn makeup i would know because im in musical theater so stop being so harish because one day your judgement day wiil come and when you are told you go to hell its because you judged someone that you know notheing about so think the next time you sin by judgeing someone. Adam has more talent than kriss or danny have ever thougth about he can sing any thing he put his mind to

The great majority of ALL

The great majority of ALL the AI contestants have had years of previous experience singing, recording, etc. It's just that ADAM is more talented and has the IT factor. He's HOT and deserves to win!

As a die hard 48yr old fan

As a die hard 48yr old fan of Adam I have to say a few things to all those that think he is limited in talent...being a mother of a triple threat student at a college for the performing arts and in the musical theatre program I have to say that Adam has the whole package. Perhaps some of you don't realize the hard work it takes to get to the pinnacle that Adam has reached....maybe his music is not for everyone, but it's his showmanship and his stage presence that puts him above the rest, personally, I think he's the next best thing since David Bowie, but them I'm bais in that regard...and look at the way he entertained. Adam will be around long after others have fallen to the wayside of have had a one hit wonder. Getting back to my point, it takes years to master the art of entertainment, I should know, my son has been on stage for the last 16 years. There are so many facets to being a star...and Adam is there!

he is amazing performer and

he is amazing performer and u r right wish everyone ....could see the big picture like u
thank you for ur input hope others listen to u...

i know what your saying i am

i know what your saying i am also into the performing arts. musical theater is so much fun but takes so much hard work and talent to make your way to the top and adam has just made me push myself harder every time i watch him perform on stage. that night when they showed the video of him going home and back to that theater was just heart touching he gave those kids hope and encouragement and he's so humble i mean he knows he's the best but yet he doesnt show a cocky attitude twords the others he even said that it was an honor that he could be on stage with danny and kriss. i think ppl who hate him because they think he's gay are just so rude and i wish he would sing is anybody listening from the ten comanments musical he was in. he sang that song so beautifully and i think it would touch everyones heart if he sang it

Adam is a great talent, but

Adam is a great talent, but isn't he a bit too polished (e.g. years of professional experience) to be representative of a true, undiscoverd case of fame? And can't you just see the guy in Vegas, wearing a Cher outfit or impersonating some other outlandish persona?

He is just soooo over the top sometimes.

i agree.. his performance

i agree.. his performance and vocal range are dfinitely in a different ballpark from the other contestants..

HOWEVER, others do not have the professional musical theater and glam-rock cabaret performances experience that adam has. so is it fair to compare them using the same standards? I DONT BELIEVE SO.

i heard that he was up for lead in a broadway musical when he originally tried out for American Idol.
i mean here's a guy who has already had a wonderful platform and a good deal going on in the musical theater, so he is not AMATEUR.

yeah some other contestants go to music schools, or are involved in music in other ways; but none are as MAINSTREAM as adam

i believe talent shows such as american idol ought 2be about discovering the talents of regular joes & janes that regularly DO NOT HAVE THE EXPOSURE TO THIS KIND OF OPPORTUNITY

Britain's Got Talent's paul potts & susan boyle are great inspirations. or can we not have those talents/discoveries in the US?

indeed.. i guess idol is

i guess idol is about finding talents in anyone in the US who are not YET tied to a contract, professionals & amateurs alike

bottom line: singers that can sell millions of records and bring more profits to the show/record producers and managers

I love hearing what adam

I love hearing what adam sings every week and how he changes it to be his. His voice is amazing.

YOU ROCK ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happend with those

What happend with those comments, the smart people, advances country does not make diferences because of color of the skin or being bisexual, Hey You WHERE Are YOU FAR BEHaind advanced ideas .
GOOD Adams you are the best. However I Know Gorky, Allison and Kris will have an space in tne music world too.

There a big diferences

There a big diferences between Adams and the regular contesters at A A He is an artist he can sing and performance. I am agree abuot Chris Daugherty He was the best in that seasson and never fogave the AA for that HORREN:::: finalwith the worst AA Taylor HUFF. But Adam is in a differente level than Cris no compare one is a good singer love his some buta Adam is a total artist , sings permance in a play or concert

It's obvious there's no

It's obvious there's no helping you to understand, you could fill your empty head with earplugs and still fail to understand you have no taste.
I'd be glad to help you GO AWAY however.

i knew ! i knew all the

i knew !
i knew all the judges are love adam !
and, i watched adam sing all time, all episodes and he is totally good in singing
and do you think he is hot ??
kris is hot you know !


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN IDOL that could even come close to incredible talents of Adam Lambert! Anyone with health senses can observer this huge buzz his brilliant performances are creating week by week not only in the US, but also around the world! ADAM IS THE HOTTEST ITEM ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW!!! And it is all well deserved! Adam you already know it , you have a huge fan base !! Keep it out! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

The best ever? Are you

The best ever? Are you kidding? Adams not even as good as David Cook! He's far from being the best ever! And at the end of every performance gay boy looks like he's going to cry.

You know, it's so sad how

You know, it's so sad how narrow minded people are, it's his business, and no one else's. The man has a fantastic range to his voice, maybe you should be a little less judging, and think more about how talented he is, what a shame.

Who cares if he is gay or

Who cares if he is gay or not?! The man can sing and he is way better than the rest of them.

Get off Adams nutz already.

Get off Adams nutz already. I hope people realize the obvious, Adam is what he is due to his experience in theatre and countless performances! Give the title to the one who deserves their dream come true: Allison Iraheta! She is so fresh and powerful; and she delivers an enthralling performance, given her age. She takes my breath away every time. And Danny delivers “in the pocket” performances each time; brought me to tears plenty. But Adam for America’s Idol? NO, I don’t think so. Adam will be okay, folks, if he doesn’t win AI. Some label will give him a record deal.



I feel so sorry for

I feel so sorry for you...You must be a miserable person, perhaps a loser.... to have so much hate. You get back what you send out.... Hope life will start treating you better. As I said, I feel so sorry for you.....

Yeah this kid has amazing

Yeah this kid has amazing talent. I told my son he would win the very first time he auditioned. He has an amazing voice, stage presence, and is comfortable with who he is. He is miles ahead of the rest of the competition. Danny has done well to choose good songs that do not show his vocal weakness. Lil Rounds is good but there are hundreds of her type of singer already. Anoop has no personality, just some college kid with a good voice. Allison will do well if she picks songs that compliment her raw rock sound. She sounds alot like Ann Wilson from Heart. She butchered No Doubt (Gwen) but would do well with Pink. Kris is boooring. Matt is actually pretty decent but has no selling value. So, um yeah, Adam wins!!!


ADAM IS THE BEST AMERICAN IDOL CONTESTANT SO FAR!!!! I am in LOVE with him!!!! My MySpace is ALL him!!!! I know for a fact that he is going to win!!! He has this competition by a MILE!!!! And if for some reason that America votes him off, the JUDGES WILL same him!!!! I can guarantee that!!! Especially Simon....I mean come on people...if SIMON likes a contestant...that's like a HUGE DEAL!!!! Adam has got it all!!! The talent. The look. EVERYTHING!!!! He's AMAZING!!!! And a voice like his is very, VERY rare!!!! When it comes to the other contestants, they just do not stand out like Adam. There are voices out there like theirs. Not saying they aren't great because they all are. I love Danny and Anoop both...BUT!!! NOBODY does it like ADAM!!!! So vote for him!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Adam and I do

I love you Adam and I do believe that you by far are the best Idol ever. I know you are going to win I just know....I look forward to hearing what you will do with your contract to record. You are one in a million and I am glad the whole world has been blessed to hear your instrament from GOD. Be yourself and keep amazing us week after week. I will vote for you till the end....One simple request!!!!Please sing some Queen some time on the show.....

Luv U,

Adam = colorful brilliance

Adam = colorful brilliance in drab of mediocrity!!!
Absolutely THE BEST!!!! Bravo Adam!!!!!

as my name says STOP

as my name says STOP SCREAMING...thats all he does...yes unique i get it i get it but when is he really going to sing and NOT scream....this is NOT drama club or a broadway musical...and please tell me what are you going to sing on the outside of this...R&B...rock..pop...! i mean really he has the talent if he stop screaming...just show it


MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE OF ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam is Genius!!! One

Adam is Genius!!! One brilliant performance after another ...I cannot get enough of him. What a snoozer this show would be without him. He is going to make it big. It is written all over him. I want more and more and more and more and more of Adam!!!!

i love adam - he is in a

i love adam - he is in a league of his own on this show - however i dont think he will win because idol's fan base is notorious for being gay bashers, right wingers, conservative hate mongers, evangelicals, ETC.
you can argue you all you want about this but its TRUE !

Goooo-- Adam!!! My gosh he

Goooo-- Adam!!! My gosh he can sing!!! Come join my rock band!!!! We totally need a singer! We need you!!!

awsome person totally hott u

awsome person
totally hott
u blow me away :)

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