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Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-01-17 02:53

Craig Berman of MSNBC has written 10 things ‘Idol’ can do without and reading through his listc I've figured that perhaps the things he suggests we can do without, we should actually have more of.

1) Attention-Seeking Auditioners
Part of the fun of tuning in to watch during the audition weeks is watching who is stupid enough to become the laughing stock of America. Anyone who dresses up in a cow costume to make a fool of themselves on National television deserves all the attention they get. Especially when they are laughed at and ridiculed for being so stupid.

2) Broadway Night

Let's face it. Broadway night is a challenge as it's usually a style that most of the contestants aren't familiar with. If anything, we get to see how they handle being thrown in the deep end, which is pretty much what is going to happen if they win American Idol anyway.

3) Disco Night
How can we not have a 70s theme show? The hair. The dancing. The shoes. Partay Time.

4) Paula-Simon Videos
To be honest, I think it's quite funny watching Simon trying to get it on with Paula. If anything it makes him look more like a lonely, desperate, nasty old man - that we all love to hate.

5) S0-Called Scandals
Last year we had Bo Bice and his heroin and Scott Savol and his assault which barely registered compared with Paula's little "fling". Bring on the dramas I say!

6) Simon Mad-Libs
Again, doesn't half of America tune in to watch American Idol in the hopes that they will see some poor kid savaged by the mean music man with the funny accent? Take away Simon and the fun stops.

7) Twin Killings
There are two lots of twins that I know of that are doing reasonably well at the moment. Tegan and Sara and The Veronicas. If they can pull it off independently, why can't we have some decent twins make the cut?

8) Voting Snafus
When someone makes a blunder so big that they have to re-run the show in order to get some sort of proper result you have to know that someone either got booted out of the door or a hefty payrise for generating so much discussion about the show. It may not be voting numbers, but you can be assured that there will be something that gets everyone talking.

9) Wardrobe Malfunctions
It's always funny to see someone walk out onstage having put their complete trust in some fashion 'expert' who decides they are going to try out for the best [insert bizarre concept design] award. Those mindless zombies will fit in well with the Music Industry. Besides, as a show of hands. How many guys would have liked to have seen Carrie Underwood "pull" a Janet Jackson last season?

10) Why Am I Here?' cameos
I find it incredibly amusing to see whose publicist has decided that despite how they feel about the show, being seen in the audience is a 'cool' thing. Those awkward glances at the camera are priceless.

11) Cynical Columnists
One of my all time favourite aspects of American Idol is reading all the cynical articles and commentary on the show. People love to spout off about how much they hate American Idol and what a joke it is. Strangely enough, many of these people still tune in every week 'just so they can mock it'.

is here for at least another 5 seasons, something I guess at least Fox wants more of.

American idol is a rigged

American idol is a rigged competition that has nothing to do with music, entirely to do with lining the Producers pockets, and adding more Pop vomit to the already overstaturated market. Also Paula Abdul judging anything to do with singing is like hiring saddam Hussein to run a human rights commission!

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